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Cartier Replica Two Concept Watch: Goodbye Metal

In the slow and warm summer of Switzerland, Cheap Cartier Replica announced its latest concept watch “ID II”. This is a few years ago ID One watch follow-up, and completely different is that ID One is trying to make progress (the future of mechanical watches) is a big step forward. There are several ways to view ID Two. You can think of it as a gear watch lovers, awe, you can think of it as a luxury marketer, scratch your mind, or you can look at it from the consumer’s point of view and think that “now is Cool, I will buy a correct price. “Since Cartier Replica will not sell any price, so ID Two will not offer any price. In fact, as a bold product and brand definition concept, they may be worth more. However, the elaborate concept of the announcement and the presentation of the elaborate watch is about how the whole luxury watch industry is placed on the head of the note.

Although ID Two has a lot of new elements, it is not entirely new.Cartier Replica Watches did what was impressive to use some very special materials and ideas to produce a watch that the world had never seen before. ID All’s task is to improve the mechanical watch movement accuracy, reliability and efficiency. As long as you understand the technical results, you can do this – start a lot of dazzling. It also did what further reminds us of how much of your basic mechanical watch in the past. ID Two actively claims that “if you want to see the future, you need to dig metal.” This is what Best Cartier Replica and its subject brothers are doing.

ID II has metal, but less than you expect. We start with the most famous nonmetal parts. ID II uses a 42mm wide-caliber case, made by Ceramyst. This is the sexy name of the transparent polycrystalline ceramic. In other words, a very hard, mostly clear ceramic box. I do not quite understand this material, but according to Cartier, they are the first for the case. Is it crystal?
The housing is not screwed together. In fact, it does not have air. This is the first watch I’ve ever heard of a vacuum sealed inner cavity. The Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement case is vacuum attached to the rest of the case – so do not try to pry open. 99.5% of the air space in the table reduces the friction caused by the air – mainly through the escapement. According to Cartier, the removal of air from the shell greatly improves the energy efficiency of the movement by almost completely eliminating the energy lost due to air friction. Cool though when you consider the impact of complications. Those little things like how to seal, how to adjust the movement, and how space does not affect the movement. All in all, Cartier had to patent a few things, remove all the lubricant from the movement, and use almost no friction for new materials, no oil needed. Things are more advanced than standard wafers.

Cartier Replica Watches Ebay is pleased to note that ID Two watches are very efficient and have 32 days of power reserve between double barrels. Well, for more than a month. They need to leave Lange 31 only one day is not it? ID No. 2 of the winding is not from the metal, but from the glass fiber. Let’s imagine. It is said that this material has more energy than metal, it shows incredible long-power reserves based on the incredible power efficiency of the glass fiber spring and ID Two movement. It is worth noting that another element helps to improve efficiency. This is a new type of gear train that will transfer the power of the escapement to the hand. Cheap Cartier Replica claims ID Two is 30% more power than standard watches and uses half the energy. With such a number, you can start to understand what is done.

ID Two concept watch is not just telling time or even precision, and I can also say. It is about Cartier to show the world its focus on the development of unique and innovative technology, the halo on the rest of the product. ID Two watch technology is expected to be an upcoming watch. In fact, there is already a little bit. Cartier Replica has produced a limited edition of Astrotourbillon with carbon crystal parts. Say it again. In terms of metal, it is very interesting, but in the perfect world you will be replaced by the part of the machine that is not natural to grow, it is difficult to remember the name and clear personality. This effect is a elimination of high-end Cartier Replica Watches manufacturing and human industry so immersed in the traditional world, so give it ten years, let us look at the development of things.

Cheap Cartier Crash Replica Watch Returns

This is one of the irresistible stories, no matter how many times was told or sick how detailed, these stories are discussed. It involves Cartier, which is one of the world’s most mysterious and most popular watches and jewelry brands, this story makes the watch collection value.

2013 Cartier Crash Limited edition will debut at SIHH

A few years ago, I noticed an old-fashioned Cheap Cartier Replica that seemed to be melting the same. I hardly believe it is true. It does not have a name or detail, but I realize that something must be special. I later learned that it was a Cartier crash. Originally produced in 1967 and early 1990, as a limited edition, this extremely rare watch, is the impact of the design of the emotional and the luxury of the world’s unique proof. Cartier will be issued in 2013, a limited edition “Crash” watch, as the bracelet on the high-end jewelry. Although this new version and the original theme of a great gap, but it is necessary to see Cartier continue to collapse legend.

Obviously in England, “collision” is another term in the car accident. This is exactly what the design of the seed watch. In the mid-sixties of the twentieth century, Cartier Replica vice president died in London due to an accident. This crash caused the fire to burn his body and then burned the Cartier watch. The stuff burning on his wrist happens to be tall rectangular Bagnoire Alongee. The watch survived – well. After the incident, Cartier is very interested in what happened on the body of the corpse, even though I should do so. They scrutinized and found that the case had melted as if it were in Dali. Whether it is enough LSD or vice president of death now has a deep emotional contact, Cartier decided to make a look like a melting Bagnoire Alongee Cartier Replica Watches. It certainly became the crash of Cartier – a super strange watch for men, perfectly into the art scene of the times. For more history, you can consult Richard Paige’s article, Richard Paige is the person who originally created the time zone.

Fast forward to the present, “crash” to become an avant-garde ladies watch, with gold bracelet on the diamond. Is not entirely a logical extension of the collection, but in 2013 to keep track of Cartier’s unique products. Simple leather strap on the original gold style is now equipped with 18k pink or white gold “teardrop link” bracelet high means Although the bracelet is optionally covered with diamonds, but the 2013 limited edition of all versions are diamond cover. It’s a bit unfortunate because the diamond decoration on the case hides some of the more interesting “melted” details of the original. The Cheap Replica Watches appearance of the “drops” still exists, but the 2013 version is more polished and clean than the odds of the original. Also note how the original indicates that the origin of the watch is London, and the modern version only attaches a typical “Made in Switzerland” mark to the dial.

Larger than the original, 2013 Cartier watch will be 25.5 mm wide and 38.45 mm high. The interior will be manually mechanically moved throughout the 2013 collection will be limited to 267 pieces / model with standard bracelet and 67 pieces with full diamond cover bracelet. All the gold has a stone of 2.15 or 4.27 carats, this watch is only available in special Cartier boutiques, usually only through special orders. Cheap Cartier Replica is fully aware that such a watch is a vital niche model. Although its strange history inherently is the authenticity and feeling of the heritage required by the brand to continue to attract the average consumer. Cartier has made outstanding work, year after year to provide interesting and exclusive works to complement the larger scale production of watches and jewelry products.

2013 Cartier Crash Limited edition will debut at SIHH