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Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches

The term “mystery” applied to a clock or watch means that some part of its mechanism or operation is hidden on the user. In this case, this means that you can not immediately see how the hand is connected. 2013 two watches is less than a mysterious dollar to overcome it.
It can be said that the “mysterious” Cartier Replica Watches innovator is the real difference between the Swiss brand Quinting. These guys made some very interesting electronic quartz watches, over the years, they use transparent sapphire crystal to carry the hand to create a “invisible setting” effect. They have cool things like chronographs and other interesting watches that apply this principle. Although neat, but I think Quentin is still struggling with high prices and quartz movement interiors. That is not to say that this is not great in front of the mechanical watch, you can get some new mysterious watches from Konstantin Chaykin and now Cheap Replica Watches.

Cartier launched the Rotonde Mystery watch a few months ago, our favorite Russian watch maker Konstantin Chaykin released his new Levitas mysterious watch series. In the implementation and the principle, these timepieces are very similar. In fact, lay people may miss them from afar. I do not know whether the release of these two watches is coincidental, but it is interesting that they all appear at the same time. Konstantin Chicken is a small independent watch manufacturer, he is not entirely a threat to Cheap Cartier Replica, but he technically defeated their “announcement”. Let’s take a closer look at these works and see how they are relevant – because the price is very different.

Cartier Rotonde Replica Watches mysterious watch inside is made of internal caliber 9981 MC manual wound movement, consisting of 158 parts, running at 21,800 bph. Power storage for 48 hours, 4.61 mm thick. The whole Cartier watch is only 11.6 mm thick. Overall, this is a very good sport, relatively slim. Behind the watch, you can see the whole action. The challenge of such a movement is to move a relatively heavy disk that can greatly affect the accuracy.

As you can see, these actions are not much different. Konstantin Chaykin offers a larger mysterious dial and moon phase indicator on the men’s version, while the Cartier watch offers longer power storage and higher accuracy, as well as the The name of the Cartier Replica. Not sure whether you should wear this watch, assuming it will be accurate, beyond the accuracy of all. Both watches have a valuable metal box selection, although Konstantin Chaykin Levitas also offers a steel model.

Levitas has a 40mm wide version as a female work. It also has an “art” range, interesting and more high-end dialing. Some Levitas art models also have a diamond cover case. It is understood that 2013 is definitely a mysterious Cartier Replica Watches a good year. If these watches have a market, then we will soon find it. I think the watch is cool and will do well. Of course, there are some practical considerations for wearing these things – that is, every time you or your friends look at the dial, they will see a part of the wrist through the watch. Recommend to me, you can selectively scrape a circle on your wrist dial. So, everything goes.