Meet The Clé De Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier surprised us with a new collection, the Clé de Cartier. Clé is French for ‘key’ and refers to the winding crown of this watch. Cartier positions the Clé de Cartier Replica line-up in the same range of iconic collections as the Santos and Tank. Very ambitious, but Cartier is one of those watch manufacturers that probably can live up to it, creating a new iconic model that is.

Besides the interesting smooth case design, the one thing that immediately grabs your attention is the winding crown. As Cartier puts it in their press release, it is one of the most distinctive features of the Clé de Cartier. The crown of the Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement is set with a sapphire and it is being ‘crown guarded’ by the long and sleek case band on the right side of the watch. A very elegant solution.

Operating the crown is easy. Just pull the crown and turn it to set the time and date. Push the crown back and turn it again to its original position and you will hear a ‘click’ and are ready to go. It works very easy, but you will have to get used to turning something that is not round or octagonal or whatsoever. At first it feels a bit odd to turn something rectangular. Probably all a matter of getting used to.

On the front, you will see a beautiful designed dial. An inner circle with a wavy pattern with Fake Cartier Watches Sale and Automatic printed on it. The circle in the middle carries Roman numerals, in blue, while the outer circle has the minute tracks in black. The sleek blue hands perfectly match the style of the Clé de Cartier case and the color matches with that of the Roman numerals, of course. The outer circle has a light grain pattern. Positioned on 6 o’clock you will find the date aperture, surrounded by a guilloché engraved frame.

The Clé de Cartier is a watch for men and women. The men’s versions have a 40mm diameter and have a self-winding movement, caliber 1847MC. Available in white gold and pink gold. The ladies versions are either in 31mm or 35mm diameter. The Cheapest Cartier Watches 35mm diameter versions have the same movement as the gents version. The 31mm diameter version has a different automatic movement, caliber yet unknown. The 31mm version is available in pink gold with a pink gold bracelet and a diamond studded bezel.